“When we decided to build our own house a friend had offered me the following advice find an architect and an engineer under the one roof’.. she was in the unfortunate position that her engineer could not stand over what her architect had drawn and this caused many a headache for her. I’ve passed this advice along to anyone I hear is thinking of building!
So not being from Cork and not having any recommendations I turned to google.

I met a number of architects and my search stopped once I met James Corcoran. I had seen their website and was very impressed. I phoned and made an appointment, James met me and we chatted for nearly an hour as I only half knew what I wanted but he gave all sorts of valuable advice. Within a month of that meeting the site we were looking at fell through. 12 months later another site in the area became available, I emailed James again to arrange another meeting. This time we could actually start drawings and we met CEA Architects again who is absolutely wonderful and so easy to work with. It’s the finer details that an architects adds makes all the difference.

And Sean Corcoran who is equally as easy to work with. So all in all we were off to a great start. Sean recommended a builder who they know and trust and who I can hand on heart say caused me zero stress. I’d build again in the morning if I could!
We are in the house 10 months now and it’s like we have always been here. I consider myself extremely lucky to have had such a stress free building experience. If I ever to build again CEA Architects would be my first port of call.”