CEA Architects

Who are we?

CEA Architects were founded in 2001 to provide unique Architectural Design services to clients throughout Ireland. Since 2001, our collective focus and strategic thinking enabled us to design and realize architecture that works which allowed our practice to grow both nationally and internationally with multiple offices now located in Ireland, UK and the US. Our company now provides international design consultancy services encompassing Architecture, Planning, Urban Design, Master Planning and Interior Design all underpinned by a proven commitment to Sustainability.

Design connects and unifies our multi-sector approach.  Our skilled international team of experienced professionals collaborate to deliver projects which range in terms of type and complexity. Our approach to every project is informed by design principles relating to simplicity, sustainability, efficiency, aesthetics and innovation.

Design thinking is at the heart of how we work. The desire for continuous innovation continues to drive our people and inspire our clients today.  For CEA Architects, ‘design thinking’ goes much deeper than the visual appearance of the project. It means a fresh approach to problem-solving. It means delivering the most practical solutions to bring your ideas and dreams to life.

CEA Architects have successfully attracted new business as a result of the consistency of its output and the high standards of excellent design and quality.

The scale and diverse locations of projects we typically undertake requires a significant depth of resources and a wide range of skills, both in design and management. Herein, we bring an extensive resource of professionals from our highly qualified and remarkably experienced staff.

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