CEA ARCHITECTS | Resourceful & Sustainable designs

Cost-optimal, high-performance buildings that meet our client’s exacting standards are realized through fundamental architectural principles such as; building orientation, extent of glazing and shading, thermal mass consideration and pattern of ventilation.

The built environment is a complex system that affects the natural world for better or worse. We make sure it’s for better.

Each link in the project life cycle can have profound environmental, social, and economic consequences downstream. As designers we have responsibility to act and to influence, which is why at CEA Architects we integrate best sustainable design practices into every project while striving to better educate ourselves and our clients. Close collaboration is essential for devising effective strategies that deliver truly sustainable projects. Working together in this way enables us to make better design decisions based on more accurate assessments of the triple bottom line: environmental, social, economic sustainability. We often take this approach further to help our clients achieve independent sustainable certification.

Our sustainability agenda is guided by qualified and recognized sustainability thought leaders to constantly evolve design processes for delivering innovation. We share our knowledge and expertise to help building owners become more resourceful and to deliver sustainable design solutions to human wellness, performance, collaboration, and experience.