Project Management

CEA ARCHITECTS | Time, cost & quality without any compromise

Time, cost and quality without any compromise. We design and deliver our clients’ projects on time, within authorised cost and to required quality standards.

When a project has architecture as its lead discipline, the Architect is uniquely positioned to manage the project and lead the Design Team. 

When we provide Project Management and Design Team Leadership services we’re building on more than 100 years of design practice, having delivered thousands of successful projects for some of the world’s most ambitious and innovative organisations. 

To give our clients total confidence in successful outcomes we make ourselves accountable for overall planning, control, and co-ordination of projects from inception to post-completion. We facilitate client and stakeholder collaboration to ensure all essential project goals are delivered.

We offer Project Management and Design Team Leadership services as independent cost-effective solutions to clients seeking fully-integrated project delivery. We lead and manage all aspects of the project, continuously reporting information directly to the client in their preferred format.