CEA ARCHITECTS | Delivering certainty

Buildings that stand the test of time for clients who demand confidence in delivery, assurance in compliance, and  certainty in a dynamic regulatory environment.

CEA Architects have designed and delivered thousands of buildings of exceptional quality across a diverse range of disciplines and sectors. Each building was subjected to the most stringent building control regulations of its time—and all were deemed compliant. 

Our reputation is built on this track record, but our focus is on the future: applying lessons learned to stay at the forefront of developing regulatory compliance methodologies to meet the ever-evolving standards and regulations that govern our industry. At CEA Architects, our BC(a)R processes seamlessly integrate with industry-standard best practice construction processes to provide our clients with buildings that are compliant, safe, fully tested and audited; and whereas we provide compliance through process, we assure it by taking accountability.

Our BC(a)R Certification service is fully independent and operated in accordance with quality management systems independently certified to ISO 9001. In this way we are committed to continually audit and improve our processes, driving efficiencies and cost-effectiveness for the benefit of our clients while improving standards and conditions for end users.